Press Coverage



“Feasibility of a Smartphone-Delivered, Hybrid Cardiac Rehabilitation Program,”

Classick-Wallace, M., Bockol, F., Blaber, R., Accepted in Proceedings of 32nd Annual

Meeting of American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation


“Feasibility of a Smartphone-Enabled Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Amongst

Veterans,” Harzand, A., Witbrodt, B., Davis-Watts. M.L., Alrohaibani, A., Goese, D.,

Shah, A.J., Zafari. A.M.


“Smartphone Delivered Cardiac Rehab for Heart Failure Management: A Feasibility

Study.“ Vathsangam, H., Qiao, S., Berkley, J., Adesanya, A., Sukhatme, G., Grazette, L.,& Fong, M. (2015).

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