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New year New Tricks

At the begin of each year, most of us look back at the previous year and we want to become better people. We make new year resolutions to break a bad habit or to attain a goal.

What is your new years resolution?

Resolutions are hard to keep, but these 11 ideas , if considered daily will make 2019 a blast.

1. Don’t make resolutions, instead set daily goals you can follow through and accomplish.

2. Pray about all things, especially before you make big decisions. Life isn’t a game of chances, we’re all here for a purpose and we should seek the direction of our creator before we make decisions such as career, relationships, business ventures…

3. Be vulnerable, good things won’t happen to you unless let them. It’s ok to love, cry, be happy, angry, or jealous. Don’t just be a friend, let others befriend you, find someone who you can trust with all your secrets and deepest fears.

4. Be excellent in all things, at work, school, in your health, your appearance, speech and diction. Do you see a man diligent in his ways, he will stand before kings not mere men.

5. Take good care of yourself. Sleep at least 6 hours, try and take a mid day nap, eat well, keep in shape, be good to your body. Your body is a machine, like your car it needs regular maintenance.

6. Find a need and feel it, by doing so you will amass great wealth and personal satisfaction. What would the world be like without computers, advance medicine, Internet, automobiles and charities? Your idea might just be the next big thing.

7. Give, yourself, your time, your money, your skills. Be a light in the lives of others, be the reason behind someone’s smile.

8. Be disciplined, talent and skill don’t guarantee success. Discipline + hard work +skill+ talent = Success.

9. Invest in yourself, become genius at something you love doing.

10. Enjoy yourself , what’s the purpose of our labor and education if we cannot take the time to enjoy the little pleasures life has to offer?

11. Invest your money, don’t just spend, let your money work for you.

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